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I'll be back at BearWatch with a terrifying selection of horriffic costumes, masks and accessories for you to choose from. Styles and Prices vary. Cash only.




Horror is a pretty extensive genre ranging from Frankestein and Count Dracula; from modern favorites like Jason Vorhees to Michael Myers to Saw. It would be impossible to have a selection of every horror costume out there in multiple sizes, so I decided to make some basic pieces that would allow creativity within the theme.

Check the list below for some examples of what I'll have available. More inventory may be available at the event. If you want a custom costume, contact me directly and we can discuss. Cost will depend on the type of costume and the amount of work.

Still not found what you're looking for? I have quite a selection of mask in varying styles that will be available. Quantity is limited to 1 mask per style in most cases, but these are new quality masks, most still have their tags.

I'll also be doing some theatrical make up for the event (By appointment). There are a few kits and select scar/wound pieces that we can work into a look for you, or we can create a look from a base character (vampire, mummy, etc.).

Click on the headings below to see some examples:

Costumes - Pictures Coming Soon! Masks Make Up
Capes (Long and short) Masks (Lots of horror mask options) Custom Make Up
Horror Robes, Cowls and Hoods   Make Up Kits
Mummy Wrap - Cloth and Costumes Props Scars and Blood
Zombies - Ghouls - Other Horror Props (Knives  


Basic Make Up - Sample Photos

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I will post prices soon, but my goal is to keep things very reasonable.

To pre-order one of the items you see, just send me an e-mail letting me know what item(s) you want. Please be as specific as possible in your email to ensure I have the right items for you.

For masks, they are first come first served.


All pre-ordered items and masks can be picked up on-site to save on shipping costs. Didn't order ahead? Stop by and visit the booth. You might find somethig you can't live without!


Please feel free to email me any questions. Contact

I'll respond to emails as quickly as I can!