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Why a SOOO U Costume?

Store bought Halloween costumes are becoming more and more generic, quality is poor and costume rental costs can be outrageous! Don't you deserve a quality costume that fits? Don't be generic! Why be boring? Be Unique! Be Original! It's SOOO U!

At SOOO U, I strive to make quality costumes that help you stand out, not blend in, and I strive to do it at a budget friendly price. Imagine it, a choice in what costume you can wear, a costume that fits you, and it doesn't cost you a fortune.

I specialize in Costumes for larger individuals who want to look their best.

One size does not fit all. Believe me. Have you tried on a one size or plus size costume at those mega Halloween stores down the street? Typically those costumes aren't really designed for larger size people, no matter what they say. Even if you find something, the selection of 'plus size' costumes is limited to about 10, exactly the same as the prior year's.

Where's the fun in that? Gee, I guess I'll be the 'purple pimp' again this year.

Halloween stores cater to the slim crowd with tons of options. There's no creativity and since everyone shops those stores, lots of people end up wearing the same costume. Think of how many times you see the 'super sexy female cop', or the generic 'orange prisoner jumpsuit'.

Think about it, all the time celebrities are photographed wearing the same dress/outfit, there's always the poll of who looks better in the outfit; who wore it better. Why be put in that situation?

Anything from tight to tacky, fun to flashy, if you want it, I'll make it. It's simple fun, easy and cheap!


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